Do you believe in love at first sight?

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I think that five years from now, I will remember the activity we did during the time that we studied emotion, more specifically physical attraction. It was interesting to learn about how influential outside sources, like exotic/pricey dates for example, are when it comes to falling in love with a person. Are we falling in love with a person? Or are we falling in love with the situation that this other person happens to be a part of? This notion can be applied to other contexts as well. Like right now, I am currently sitting in my room alone because my roommate is out of town for the weekend. I often claim to my friends, that I LOVE living in our bedroom and am sad that I have to move out next fall. But it really comes down to the fact that I could do without the physical room; I naturally associate how much I enjoy where we live with how much I actually enjoy living with my best friend. Because certain settings, like bungie jumping off a bridge on a first date (as seen in Jake and Vienna's season of the Bachelor) tend to carry certain connotations and cause our emotions to run wild-even get carried out of proportion-we are led to believe that we have found our soul mate, when really we are just in a surreal context.


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I think your ideas here are very interesting. I like how you question the phenomenon - love at the first sight, that most of us tend to take for granted. It's so shocking to me that environmental factors play such a big role in love. I am even a bit worried that I may not be able to figure out whether I truly love someone if that person is so good at manipulating those environmental factors. Anyway, the knowledge I have learned in the psy class helps greatly broaden my insight on love.

i have struggled with this topic for so long! i will remember this section too as well as others i have mentioned in other blogs. i had to deal with this reality in my communications class last spring and being the hopeless romantic i am i struggle with excepting some of the things we talked about, however i am trying to keep an open mind. since it is something close to my heart, i know ill remember talking about it.

You make so many interesting and great examples in this blog! I agree that the studies of emotion (especially love) are extremely interesting in psychology. I now find myself overanalyzing how genuine my emotions are. Are they true or being influenced by external sources? In a way, I feel like this may be a scenario where ignorance is bliss. Sometimes I wish I could just enjoy the rawness of my emotions without questioning them. Alternatively though, I suppose when you can identify when your emotions are true, those emotions can especially be cherished.

This is an interesting blog! I like how you sort of compared the situational-love aspect that we learned in class to the relationship between you and your roommate. Outside factors are important to consider when evaluating our own emotions and I think that is a good thing to remember and take away from the class.

Great view on the chapter and I appreciate that Bachelor reference! The concept of "love at first sight" was something I have always approached really skeptically, and I actually enjoyed reading this chapter because it gave me another perspective to consider. In my opinion, the idea that the higher you adrenaline levels are when you first encounter that person leads to the how attracted you are to them makes a lot more sense to me than the simple eye contact. Although the idea probably won't be appealing to the die-hard romantics, I think it's definitely something to consider!

Nice ideas, I think that while the situation is important in many instances, I feel that this doesn't make the feelings we have any less genuine! It is all just part of what makes us who we are!

I must admit, I feel a bit cynical agreeing with you, merely because I've always been a bit of a hopeless romantic type. But you have a good point when you question the phrase "love at first sight" because what you're describing, especially with the bungee jumping and the swaying bridge experiment, is more likely lust than love. The excitement of a scary situation has little to no bearing on mature love, it's merely a lustful reaction to something fleeting.

you made an interesting point with whether people are falling in love with the person, or the setting that they are in and associating them with. And about our emotions running wild, one of my teachers used to say that when our emotions start to build, all reason goes straight out the window. It's not intentional, and tends to happen to even the best of us.

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