Five Years? Nah, 10 Years

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ClassicalConditioning.Kapur.jpgFive years from now....I think I will still remember is the concept of classical conditioning, also known as Pavlovian conditioning. As a reminder, classical conditioning is a form of learning in which animals (and humans) are taught to automatically respond to objects that once caused no reaction. When we were first introduced to the concept of classical conditioning, I was so confused about how to identify the different factors, but at the same time I was fascinated at the fact that it worked so well. Without even knowing, I realized that classical conditioning plays a big role in our everyday lives. For example, I unconsciously trained my guinea pig to squeak to the sound of the refrigerator even though she couldn't see the food arriving and now she squeaks every time which is starting to become a little annoying. I will remember the concept of classical conditioning because it shows our ability to control our minds and to shape it the way we want to.


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This was really interesting. I thought classical conditioning was fascinating to learn about because it was something that most of us had thought about before, but never knew what it was. As an example, my mom always talked about how they played a certain song at my grandfather's funeral and now when she hears that song she always thinks about the funeral. She was fascinated when I explained to her that that was called classical conditioning.

I agree completely. I think this will stay with me for a very long time. What I used to know as a simple experiment with a dog, turned out to be a major psychological discovery with vast reaches. I will forever view fears and other classical conditioning aspects in my everyday.

Great comic!!

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