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So i got a bit mixed up and did the topic for blog 4 for my blog 3, so its a bit of a flashback blog.
When trying to remember the Big Five for our test a few weeks ago, i decided to take a break and watch my favorite t.v show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. As i was watching it i realized that the six of them show all five of these traits in different ways, just like in the Simpson's episodes. These mix of characteristics keep the plot lines going and the episodes interesting. This is what i came up with. Monica Gellar:Neurotic. Monica is always in a tissy,everything has to be her way and if it doesn't she is normally freaking out or cleaning something. Her brother Ross Gellar: Concsiencess. very studious, and is very by the book. He is a professor and very much in to science. Joey Tribeoni:openness to experiences. He is artistic and ready to do pretty much anything stupid or out of the normal.Rachel Green:a mix of all depending on the situation,however in big extremes. Pheobee Bufee:Extraverted. she is always going to for jokes and is always the life of the party. And finally, Chandler Bing:Agreeablness. He is always agreeing with the group and tagging along. i have never seen him really take the bull by the horns and be the leader.
i don't know about you but it helped keep the big five straight in my head and helped me a lot during the test.


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I think your post is very interesting and I have to admit I never did apply the Big 5 to the show Friends. I think it is very easy to see now that we have gone over the Big 5 traits that they are portrayed by the different characters. I can imagine the writers of Friends chose to have them all be high in different ones because they know from real life experience that when different personality types mesh, lots can happen. For example, someone who is neurotic may worry a lot about things that a friend with high openness to experience thinks is fun to do. The use of the Big 5 Personality traits allowed for the writers to create many different scenarios that in the end made for great TV.

After learning about the big 5 I was thinking about how every single TV show and movie always have people that have different levels of each of the 5 main personality traits. I never did bring it back to psychology though. Now I will always be able to bring stuff like this back to psych class.

Glad to know I'm not the only one. After the lecture with the Simpsons demonstration I begin to categorize different characters the same too whenever I watch a show. I like it how the producers pick a variety of different personalities for their characters. It makes the show more interesting versus a show where all characters act the same.

I am completely obsessed with this show, and I can definitely agree with how you categorized each of the characters! When we were learning about Big % Personality Traits, and we learned about Neurotic, I definitely though about Monica. I didn't really think about how the other characters were categorized, so it was interesting to see they all fit!

i think monica is the most obvious, i was real sure where to put rachel only because i see all five in her almost fighting with each other. now that i think about it maybe its because he character does most of the growing and developing throughout the 10 years of the show? but i also thought Pheobee, Joey and Ross were pretty obvious too.

That is an interesting way take on the big 5 and the TV show. I think that this post kind of relates to the chapter on memory because you used something that was recognizable to you to remember a bigger concept. I also like that you represented one character as being all 5 depending on the situation and I think that is an important point to make since many people we meet in life will incorporate all 5 at one time or another.

I have never been a huge FRIENDS tv show fan but I think it's awesome that you use it as a way to remember the big 5. Mnemonic devices have been the backbone of my study strategies and have helped me in an uncountable amount of ways on tests. I too try and relate things to tv shows, movies, or books and it never seems to fail me to do so. Granted I remember movies unbelievably well, I think that people could utilize mnemonic devices in any way they want using whatever they want to help them remember as long as they have a very strong connection to it.

Nice application of the Big 5 to a TV show!

I never really thought of FRIENDS that way until you mentioned it. But ever since those lectures about the Simpsons, I have found myself looking at TV shows in the same manner and finding more about their personalities based on the big 5.

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