How a Swiffer and microphone stand are interchangeable.

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My three year old sister, Ava, has a "mind of her own." It was not until I read this particular section regarding Piaget's Preoperational Stage proposal that I truly understood what this expression meant. Her symbolic behavior is evident nearly every situation I find myself observing her in. She reinforces the idea of playing make believe when she plays with her dolls. Ava acts as though she is their mother by feeding them with pretend food or changing their diaper and even talking to them like my own mother talks to her. Like the example of playing house delineated in our textbook, she assumes an imaginary role that differs from the legitimate or actual role. Another example of this dissociation or detachment of the real life conditions imposed with objects or props would be when she uses our kitchen Swiffer as a microphone. This kid belts out songs like Moves Like Jagger and Tomorrow from Annie, into the cleaning utensil as if she is performing a live concert in our living room with a real microphone. Each of these examples support Piaget's Preoperational Stage of Development.


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When reading about these stages in the text book, they make sense and we can see ourselves doing that as young children. However, it is interesting that you got to see those stages of development first hand once they had been defined for you. It is amazing the things children do and how we just push them aside like normal activities for them when those activities are truly interesting if you think about it.

Funny!! I'm sure many of us as adults have used other "tools" as microphones as well! :)

Your sister sounds like she is hilarious! After reading this, I was wondering why our "create mind of our own" disappears when we get older? Why don't we still play house and pretend we are imaginative characters?

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