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Through this course, I was introduced to the world of psychology. It was a world that I had never previously acknowledged even though it had crossed my path many times. What surprised me the most after taking PSY 1001 is how many people, including myself, get the concept of psychology all wrong.

Several subjects will always stand out in my mind; memory, emotion, intelligence, and personality. I found these and many more concepts quite fascinating but I think the one thing that will stick with me in five years is the way psychology approaches these subjects. As laid out in Chapter 1 "Psychology and Scientific Thinking" of the textbook, there is a process and a definite set of guidelines in the world of psychology.

One of the main criticisms of psychology is also one of the greatest misconceptions. Many "real" scientists dismiss psychological findings as imprecise and relative. While there are certainly false claims out there parading as "psychology," the real stuff is just as structured and unbiased as chemistry or biology.

What makes psychology and consciousness so difficult to categorize and study is the vast number of variables present. In the desired controlled environment of an experiment, it is essential to also take into account the missing variables (the ever-present concept of Correlation vs. Causation).


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It was eye-opening to see how 'real psychology' works. Psychology does get kind of a bad rap from other sciences for being almost superstitious and silly. But after learning about psychology in this course it is easier to tell the false claims from real psychological research.

I'm glad that your perception of psychology has changed!

I think that psychology sometimes receives criticism because it is difficult to put most psychological findings into numerical values, which other sciences thrive on. You can't put a personality into numbers very easily, thus others attack it for not being precise.

I to admit as well that prior to this class i looked at psychology as a less than scientific areas of study. I can see now that many of the former and current areas of research in this field are based in solid scientific methods.

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