Kohlberg's levels of morality

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I agree with the concept of pre-conventional morality. Many people do things because they think they can get away with it. Marijuana is one example. Even where it is illegal, people will take risks and assume they won't get caught. Another part of that is the notion that "it could never happen to me." I once lived in a fraternity house with guys that vandalized my bike. They thought they could get away with it, and when I was able to get support from the inter-fraternity council, the brothers compensated.

I also agree with the conventional morality. I believe we are naturally subject to acting based on the social and moral constructs we live in. In some places, it's okay to tie a sweater around your neck. Whereas others, one might get ridiculed. In my neighborhood, that kind of thing would have been made fun of. At my middle school, I got made fun of for making fun of that.

I think the post conventional morality seems to relate to religion and just very abstract principles. One must have some sense of morality that transcends society. The basic value to do good for others is enough for me.

I think that the order in which these processes go depends on the individual and the situation. To insist that they go in any particular order would be the point where it's debatable.

The issue of illegal downloads and pirating seems almost anti-post conventional. There seems to be limited or no moral value to stealing when people can get away with it. I don't doubt that some of these people come from religions where stealing is wrong.


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I agree that the stage that is used depends on the situation. Do you think though, that there are some people who might never reach the higher stages? Nice point about pirating.

Do you think that stealing (i.e. music) is simply due to some religious issue or more due to the general fact that there are some in society who feel the artist should be receiving money for the music they have created? I feel that it is not simply an issue with religion because there are many religious or faithful people who still participate in these actions and either fail to consider why it is wrong or figure the artist already are receiving a profit and are not being harmed.

I agree with your idea of how certain areas develop certain moral codes. For example, I am in Athens, Georgia at the moment and many people have already poked fun at the fact that we are Minnesotans and bring up ideas like the cold weather or the fact that Brett Favre was the best help for the Vikings. Obviously we are not offended by these statements but they are sometimes quite stereotypical in nature and many fail to consider that it might offend someone who does not understand the culture norms of where they are situated.

I agree on your point that the evilness of stealing has something more than a religious reason. After all, there must be an economic reason, I think.

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