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I've always been hugely fascinated by personality, but had never really learned anything about it. It was a part of the class that I was looking forward to learning about and greatly enjoyed. It is probably the part of this class that I will remember. I think that some of the other aspects such as development are boring and don't really interest me. But personality was a somewhat fun chapter. It was very interesting to learn about the big five and how by examining those five aspects you can sort of define someone's personality. I think that thinking about these aspects of personality can dramatically help you ability to understand someone and their motivations behind their actions. We tend to think that if someone is extroverted they're also open to experience, but that's not always the case. Learning about the big five is a good way to see how aspects of someone's personality are not dependent on the other aspects of it. Another part of this area that I found very interesting was the projection tests. It is was fascinating to see how these tests could expose personality disorders and mental disorders that could not be seen through other tests and methods.


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I totally agree Mimi and I think your comments tie in well with what I think our group learned as we went about our semester in recitation. Though none of us were judgmental people, we initially did not know much about the others in our group due to lack of experience interacting with each others personalities. However, we quickly came to realize how different yet similar we all were as individuals! I have never had a classroom experience like the one we had and am really glad we all got the chance to see things that we were learning in action in our lives! :O

I also think that the personality part of this course was very interesting. I know that there are the big 5 personalities but I wonder if they are the same throughout different cultures or if there are more than just 5.

Personality is definitely an interesting topic in psychology. I also found the Big 5 to be very informative. I loved the examples that were given in lecture with the Simpsons character. I never really noticed how each characteristic is evenly distributed among the characters. Lately whenever I watch a cartoon or even a TV reality I think of the Big 5 and try to distinguish who has which personality trait.

Do you think there are any aspects of your personality that the Big 5 do not explain?

I like your point about common misconceptions about personalities. I may not be very extroverted, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to new experiences. This supports the overriding theme of this semester: correlation does not prove causation.

I too felt the projection tests were very interesting in the fact that they are intended not to have any clear desirable answer to them which really gets the viewer to stew over their own thoughts and not skew them with what they feel other people are looking for.

I thought learning about personalities and the Big 5 was also interesting. Also with the projection tests. I hadn't realized before this course that tests like that can expose so much about a person. Even though there are five main qualities that define a person when looking at this particular assessment, I feel like there are also a lot of smaller qualities that help contribute.

I also enjoyed learning about personality. After this course, I realized how many things I thought were true were actually false. However, I think we should be a little cautious in taking personality tests (even legitimate ones) too seriously. Yes, they can be extremely helpful in choosing a career or when applied to relationships. But, we can't allow a test set limits.

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