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Years from now, I think that the topic of psychology most in engrained in my memory will be that of personality. It is something which defines us, and a way by which we define others. It is so interesting and instantly visible and applicable in our daily lives and interactions with one another. When looking at your own personality, through tests and simple self assessment, some traits are known and some are surprisingly true! Some we can see were somewhat inherited from our parents and some formed around the environments in which we grew up in and in which we live today. In terms of others personality, personality can be used as a tool to which we can compare ourselves and interact. Furthermore, I think that Freud's studies in personality are very profound. I remember learning about some of this in middle school and some more in high school so that background knowledge peaked my interest and learning this made my interest in the topic grow. Id, ego, and superego, psychic determinism, and all the defense mechanisms make you consider your own personality and make you re-evaluate others motives behind their personality. The concepts covered in this are interesting in the fact that personality is what shapes us and makes us the unique, or not so unique person that we are.


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Another part of personalities that I find interesting about personalities is how they work together with other personalities. I've always wondered what would happen if two people with the same exact personalities were to meet each other. Would the get along and be extremely close, or would there be mass chaos? I feel like friends are usually closer when they have similar personalities. Obviously, there isn't going to be someone exactly like you, but there will be many people who are partially similar to you. I feel like those types of people would get along the best. Are introverts friends with other introverts or is it too quiet and uncomfortable? Are extroverts friends with other extroverts or does it get to extreme? Etc.

I agree with you that personality is one of the most interesting things we have learned about this semester. I always used to think before I took this course that psychology was almost all about personality, but in reality it is only 1 of 16 concepts psychology has.

It is interesting because I think a lot of Freud's ideas are not taken as seriously today by many psychologists, but really, when doing therapy, it is interesting how many of his theories really do apply!

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