Pop Culture's Effect on Lie Detection

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I'm not sure if everyone else thought the same thing as me when reading about lie detector tests, but all I could think about is how glorified they seem to be in popular culture. The thing I found most interesting about this topic was how easy it seemed to be to beat the lie detector test. The book states that in less than 30 minutes a subject can beat the test by changing their physiological responses to control questions and they can do this through using difficult arithmetic problems, biting their tongues, or simply curling their toes. A major scene from pop culture I remember was in the movie Meet the Parents when the father could supposedly tell if someone was telling a lie by reading their outstretched arms while they talked to him. This seems almost completely impossible after reading more into lie detection theories and their applications. Another example of pop culture's influence on the use of lie detector tests is through shows like Doctor Phil or (and don't judge me on this) The Maury Povich Show, in both of these shows lie detector tests are seen as truth and looking back on these shows now that would just seem silly. Can you think of any other pop culture references to lie detector tests (other than those given) and see major flaws in them now. Because I think this reading may have ruined many a future movie plot for me.........


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I agree that pop culture and the media has glorified lie detector tests as some amazing contraption that is the closest thing to reading minds and is scientifically backed up. Little did we know that it isn't as scientific like so many of us assumed, and like you stated. I think that the reliance of these machines in the real world and glorification of them in the media are becoming more dated as people realize the loopholes.

Haha, but it is helpful to know that they are not 100%. It definitely gives me a different perspective when I am watching Dr. Phil with my husband...:) I've said this in other posts as well, but it is important to know that lie detector tests are more likely to say you are lying when you aren't than the other way around. So if you are arrested and innocent, don't take one! And there is a reason that the "evidence" from lie detectors are not used in court cases.

I find it funny how the Maury show made me think for a second that the lie detector was actually a reliable source. After reading about lie detector tests I also begin to see things differently now with shows like these. These types of shows most definitely over exaggerate the test itself. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I think lie detectors make people nervous and can prove the person guilty even though they are innocent.

I thought the lie detector isn't valid enough to prove a person is lying or not.

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