Remembering Ms. Anne

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Over spring break i went back to work for a few days. i was so excited to see all the kids that i had been working with over the fall, however i was scared that they would not remember me. i spent the fall semester learning and playing with these kids and also taking care of infants; feeding, clothing, changing, simply loving these babies. Most of these children are between the age of 6 weeks to 4-6 years. i spent most of my time with the infants and 2 year olds. After learning how the development of the brain works it was easier for me to except the fact that it was not that they simply forgot about me or did not have feel the connection with them that i felt but that their brains simply are not developed to the point were they can retain long term memory. The idea of out of sight out of mind i feel applies here. i feel that if i had not learned this concept at the beginning on this spring semester i would have had a very difficult time excepting that fact that little Georgia and Lucy felt very shy around me all of a sudden and that Seth and Tyler did not run up to give me a hug right as i walked in the door like they had before in the fall/winter. Everything i am learning today in psychology and will be learning in child psychology and infant psychology is going to do nothing but help me understand the children i work with and create a better enviornment for these children to learn.


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I do love when things I've learned in class actually come in handy in the real life, it makes me happy what I'm learning is actually worthwhile. Haha, but this is a great example of the development of children's brains. I've been in a similar situation too, I nannyed for a girl once a week the entire summer last year, saying goodbye to her and trying to get her to understand that I wasn't going to see her for a long time was really difficult. It was especially difficult for me because I was worried she wouldn't remember me and how close we were when I was back with her the following summer. Because she isn't an infant and she's 5 years of age I was very wrong, she did remember me, it took her a second to understand it seemed like, but then she did which makes sense! Such a relief to know that it's solely because of their brain development to whether they'd remember you or not, I completely understand, great explanation.

i thought this was pretty interesting. I also used to feel the same way, worrying if i was going to be remembered by someone after an absence in time but it was a lot more comforting to know the reason why thanks to psych!

I think it's wild how different parts of the brain develops at different times. I babysat a 5 year old over the past summer and he always remembers me. It's weird to think that only a couple years ago he would've not known who I was after each time we were together.

It is very interesting when coursework begins to have connections with everyday life. It adds a whole new dimension to everything that you have learned and will learn later in the course. I have found this to be especially prevalent in psychology because you encounter people with other viewpoints daily.

I definitely think you make an excellent point when you say how psychology will only help you in your career endeavors with children. Throughout the course I've also been making that same connection. Psychology connects to just about everything!!! This course was not required for my major, however it was required by the graduate schools within which I am applying. When I saw that requirement, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it was a prerequisite. I'm starting to gather that since psychology is applied everywhere, it makes sense why it would only benefit a person in any future career.

Were there any children who remembered you? Do you think there was a difference in the development in who remembered and who didn't?

It must be hard for you to go back to work after forming connections with these kids and them not reciprocating the relationship right away. My older brother has a 2 year old daughter and I've only met her twice because they live in Hawaii. I absolutely adore her and she always has a good time when she's with me. One day my brother called me and told me that they were looking at photos of me on Facebook and that my little niece pointed to me and knew who I was. That was some of the best news I've ever received. I can't wait to see her again this summer.

I had a very similar experience when I recently went back to the daycare I used to work at. I was disappointed that some kids didn't recognize me, but it made me glad that I had made such an impression on the ones that did remember me. Let's see how many remember me when I go back to work next week!

Incorporating psychological concepts into ones everyday life i feel definitely helps with retention of the material and interesting in the subject matter overall. I see why the blogs are a part of this course and you did a great job of bringing a meaningful real life example to the table with this post.

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