Similar beauty stanards

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When I was reading text book, I thought it is very interesting on different aspect on attractive to different sex. In the text book, first it says that men always put more weight on looks in women than the women do in men. However, when I looked up in the internet, and from my personal experience, since I am from Korea, women also put weight as much as men put weight on to look for romantic partner. For instance, in Korea the number of women who wants to live alone is rapidly increasing because some of them like to be alone, but usually they failed to find their romantic partner even they put many time on it. Second, in the book, it says different culture prefers their women to be a different size, however, when I looked up in the internet there was no different size. Every culture preferred the women who have slim body, and stay in fit. Because of that there are many women go see a doctor for plastic sugary. Although, I found out that the physically attractive on appearance was different on each culture. So, I think because of the internet world is become smaller than in the past, from that everyone knows what is going on different side of the Earth, or they can watch tv shows from different country. Because of that the standard beauty is becoming similar through all over the different cultures.


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I think you bring up a good point about globalization and the standard of beauty, it may be changing to be more similar across cultures. However, if we look across time and cultures, or even cultures that don't have access to the media, we can see that there are some differences.

I found this pretty interesting as my partner is from Korea as well. We've talked about attraction and things like this and while there are lots of similarities, I think there are still many many differences in what cultures find attractive.

I find the differences in what cultures find attractive fascinating. Your point about the global media's impact on these beauty standards is interesting as well. It is so unusual the lengths some people go to make themselves "beautiful" in their cultures. Extreme dieting and eating disorders have sprung largely from Western views on "beauty." Tattoos, body piercings, foot-binding are more examples.

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