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I think that the concepts of psychology that I will remember 5 years from now are operant and classical conditioning. They explain so much about my past and how I've struggled to adjust to school and such. In high school, I took IB classes and was on time to school every single day. I started homework early, and all I did was study all the time. However, I was not able to get a full IB diploma, which felt disappointing. I also didn't make many friends. I left high school feeling pretty burnt out. This is what I would call a lot of negative punishment, making it hard to apply myself in school. But I've learned some great things since I've been in college. It's a matter of trying to find a fit of what's attainable, relevant and timely.

Some other concepts that I found helpful were in the chapter on memory. Learning about elaborative rehearsal, for example, is a helpful way to validate some of the things I've tried as a learner. I think it also shows that the more that language can be used to help reinforce and remember concepts (by assigning names), the more likely we can think to carry out those concepts.

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Nice application of these principles to your own life.

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