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Cross Cultural Business

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There are many differences in the way business is done across the globe, and processes that managers go through to make decisions are representative of this. Western managers are often motivated to increase profit margins as much as possible, and their effectiveness as managers is sometimes judged by this. Managers in eastern cultures are not as fully motivated by profits alone, but to maintain a stable and lasting business model. This kind of thinking instills different thinking processes in managers. Western managers think that they must take action as quickly as possible, without taking into account of other factors that may be affected my hasty action. Eastern managers make sure they understand all the implications that an action will have in the long run, and not blinded by the tempting sight of short term gain, while there could be long term loss. Cultural boundaries also greatly affect the way that businesspeople interact. In some countries, it is the social norm to give a potential business partner a gift when you first meet them. There are many other traditions like this, which range from greetings to the types of meals eaten, that all affect the way that business is done in different cultures.

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