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This chapter is about consciousness, sleep and different things that can affect what happens. The first part of the chapter goes over the five different stages of sleep, and discusses the necessary processes our brain goes through during our sleep. Afterwards it gets in to different sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy which has been a topic of many comedies. Apart from sleep I particularly enjoyed the part about hypnosis. Before I had seen any hypnosis shows, I was very skeptical at what was actually happening. I've seen two shows where hypnosis has been used to date, at my high school senior party and at Coffman during welcome week. After seeing those (and laughing a LOT) I can definitely say that something is happening there and the chapter sheds some light on what is going on, as well as discussing a few of the myths associated with hypnosis. The rest of the chapter is devoted to drugs and the different things it can do to your body and mind.


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