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I find it pretty amazing how our vivid memories that we are certain occurred as we think they occurred can decay so drastically over time. The example given in the text seems to be on the extreme end of this phenomenon however, but from thinking about my own memories there isn't really a way for me to know what has changed. Most characteristics of flashbulb memories are not very surprising - things such as how they decay over time, and the fact that how dramatic or emotional an event is, the stronger and more accurate the flashbulb memory is. One thing that I found striking is how inaccurate flashbulb memories persist even when the subject is given evidence showing differences in what they remember. I feel like when someone is presented with such evidence that maybe they would have their memory "jogged" or be reminded of what really happened. In the example, however, the student was still persistent in his belief he remembered correctly - some even going so far as to say the evidence was written by someone else. Although I find flashbulb memories interesting, I also find it rather sad that our strongest and most personal or emotional memories can be so strife with inaccuracies.

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