October 10, 2006

What is Phenomena?

Phenomena is a constitue of the physical realm. There are four constitues of the physical realm which are THINGS, FRAMEWORKS, CLOCKWORKS, AND PHENOMENA.

Things are objects which consist of mass and matter, size shape and formal attributes, and are comparable to other things.
Example: Apples and Pears. They are both fruits and they have different shapes, sizes and color. They also have different skins and texture of the skins.

"Frameworks are fixed numbers of things in invariant relationships or characteristics of the object."
Example: Apple and Pears both have stages before they are ripe. They begin as a ablossoms, in time they will ripe if they obtain enough nutrients if not then they skip a phase and drop to decompose, and afterwards they will fall off the tree and decompose.

"Clockworks are frameworks in which fixed numbers of things start with a given set of mutal relationships but changes through a period of time and returns to it's original set relationships."
Example: Apples and Pears blossom from rose like flowers on trees in the spring and contiues to ripe as long as they recieve enough nutrients from bees transfering nector and pollen. Then they ripe, fall off tree and decompose. Then next year the phase starts all over again.

"Phenomena is a fact or event that appears or percievable by one of the senses." In other words phenomena are complex things that incorporate things, frameworks and clockworks. Phenomena has orgins, destination, purpose, boundries, duration, structure and sub-structure and can be modeled to various degrees of accuracy.
Example: Apples and Pears
Purpose: It's there to serve as food?
Destination and Boundary: Anywhere it's capable of growing. (Warm climates with nutrious soil and proper precipitation).
Duration: The seasons, spring-blossoms, summer-ripes, autumn-decomposes and winter-decomposed.
Structure: The shape, size, texture, mass, and matter that makes up the object. Sub-structure can be it's seeds and stem. All these subjects make up Phenomena.

Note: Some of my descriptions were notes taken from Ozayar Saloojee of his course from Arch 1701 Designed Environment. Therefore I do not claim all this information to be my own but information I obtained from Ozayar. Sentences with quotations are taken from my notes. I don't know how to cite this so this is how I'm doing it. Just so I don't get blamed for plagarism. Hey, at least I gave the guy credit right? It's hard to rephase this stuff.


  • ARCH 1701: The Designed Environment

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