December 1, 2006

About Me

My name is Kue Chang. I'm Asian American, specifically hmong. I'm a freshman at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. My major is going to involve business, I'm leaning towards entrepreneurship. Next semester I will be taking a leave of absence and attending a community college, but don't worry I'll be returning after I finish my generals. My goal is to finish college in less than four years. I know I'm an ambitious person and I know reach my goal especially with the help of my family.

My family consists of my mom, my dad, my three sisters, my three brothers, and my two brother-in-laws. They are the most important people in my life and without them I wouldn't be here. I'm here because I want to make my family proud and give my parents the life they have always deserved. Also I want to give my future family a great life too.