November 18, 2007

Attacks at lowest level since 2006

The Star Tribune ( said: The U.S. military said that weekly attacks in Iraq is at a low. It hasnt been this low since Feb. 2006. The military also indicated that civilian deahts have dropped also. Last week there were 575 attacks, in June attacks were at 1,600.

The Chicago Tribune (,0,4327007.story) said: The U.S. is urging Iraq to take advantage of the decrease in attacks. a military spokesman attributes the fall in attacks to the "surge" of US troops in Baghdad.
Attacks have fallen 55% and the number of civilian casualties has fallen 65%.

The articles were essentially identical.

13-year-old girl commits suicide

The Star Tribune ( said: A 13-year-old girl commited suiced and her parents want someone prosecuted. Megan Meier had a crush on "Josh" her cyber friend and when he ended their relationship she killed herself. Her parents are now going after the people who made up the false profile

The Daily Mail ( said: Megan Meier, 13, talked with "Josh" for a month be fore he ended their friendship and she killed herself. It turns out that "Josh" was not real, his profile was created by an adult neighbor. Megan's parents are now seeking to prosecute the woman who they blame their daughters death on.

The Daily Mail article included more details about the story, leaving the audience with fewer questions.

Student anti-war rally

The Pioneer Press ( said: Hundreds of students attended an anti-war protest downtown minneapolis Friday. The Rally was put together by youth against war and racisim.

National Public Radio ( said: An estimated 500 students attended the rally downtown on Friday. The students marched their way through downtoan minneapolis.

The articles were similar, the NPR article was driven primarily by quotes however.

Family of girl injured by pool drain sues

The Star Tribune ( said: The family of Abigail Taylor, the 6-year-old whose small intenstine was sucked from her body from a pool drain at the Minneapolis Golf Club last June. The family is suing to cover future medical bills. Both the golf club and the drain cover manufacturer are being sued.
The Pioneer Press ( said: On Thursday the Taylors filed a law suit for $30 million. The suit is putting equal blame on the manufaturer and the golf club. The 30 million dollar price is an estimated medical cost for 6-year-old Abigail.

The two articles contained similar information, though the Star Tribune was lacking the $30 million price tag of the suit.

November 11, 2007

Diversity blog

The Burlington Free Press ( said: Noor Bulle, a somali native talks about his dreams of playing soccer in America coming to life. The article does not report beyond the stereotype. They very much focus on race. Though, the tie with soccer is done tastefully, and effectively. The story includes no data, it is an interview and observational based piece.

Local Officer dies

The Star Tribune ( said: Mark Bedard died Friday after an accident on duty Nov. 1. Visitation and funeral services will be this week at the Basilica of St. Mary ( said: Minneapolis Park Police department offer died friday. Visitation is at 3 pm on Tuesday and the funeral is Wed. at 11 a.m.

The two articles were similar, but emphasized the mourning of the police department and their respect for the fallen officer.

Iraqi taxi driver killed

The Star Tribune ( said: A taxi driver in Iraq was shot and killed by a guard Sat. A DynCorp International guard, hired to protect U.S. diplomats shot the driver. Eyewitnesses say the shooting was unprovoked.

The New York Times ( A DynCorp International guard shot a taxi driver Sat. The Interior Ministry has opened an investigation.

The articles were almost identical.

San Francisco oil spill investigated

USA today ( said: The coast guard is saying that fog and the speed of a tanker ship are responsible for the collision with a bridge wed. that caused an oil spill in San Francisco. They found no mechanical failures, this was a human error.

The Associated Press (
8SRR2N80) said: U.S. coast guard tried to decide whether speed and miscommunication were the causes of the crash that led to a major oil spill. A criminal investigation is being issued.

The two articles offered contradiction Coast Guard reports.

Barbeque shooting ( said: Saturday afternoon one man was killed and one was injured in North Minneapolis. At around 3 two men at a barbeque were shot at.

Star Tribune ( said: Outside a north minneapolis home, an 18-year old was killed, another wounded. Police found 11 bullet casings on the scene.

The two articles were virtually identical

St. Paul rape arrest made

Star Tribune ( said: Saturday night a St. Paul man, 19 was arrested. He is connected with the rape of 17-year olf girl in St. Paul last week. ( said: at 8 p.m. Sat. 19-year-old St. paul man was arrested. He's being held for first degree criminal sexual conduct and for probation violation warrant.

The two articles are both very preliminary. They contain the same information, the Kare11 report contains slightly more detail however.

November 4, 2007

Hollywood writers to strike

The Star Tribune ( said: Writers demand more money and negotiations are not working. A federal mediator is working to help but "as of late afternoon, there was no sign of a breakthrough." The Writers Guild of America East prepare for their first industrywide strike since 1998. As of 9 am monday, hundreds of the Guilds members will picket outside Rockefeller Cetner.

The Pioneer Press ( said: Unless writers "and studios can agree on a last-minute deal" they will begin a strike Monday. Late night talk shows will be the first effected by the strike, while film and prime-time TV wont be effected for a year.

The articles both covered the basics. The Pioneer Press added information about the effects of the strike. The Star Tribune however included more information about the guilds history.

Hunter dies

The Star Tribune ( said: a deer hunter from Elbow Lake died Saturday. He was shot in the chest on the opening day of the season. The man's name was not released but he was 60 years old. He died at Lake Region Hospital.

The Pioneer Press ( said: Southeast of Elbow Lake a 60 year old hunter died the opening day of deer hunting season. The man was taken to Lake Region Hospital. The shooting is being investigated.

The articles accounts of the story were virtually identical.

Numbers blog

The NY Times: The Dings and Dents of Toyota (
"It might seem odd to suggest that a 70-year-old company is going through growing pains, especially one with $183 billion in annual sales" is the first use of numbers. The percentage is easy, informative and not overwhelming. The source of the number however is not listed.
"11,000 job cuts" is the next instance: The numbers again are very simple. The source is not listed.
"The company remains on track to achieve its 2010 goal of owning 15 percent of the global car market" is another example of number use. The article goes on to heavily use percentages. All of the numbers are used well. Not overwhelming, the reporter did a great job making data of the article easy to grasp. The sources of the numbers however are not listed completely.

November 3, 2007

Pakistan in state of emergency

The Star Tribune ( said: Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency in Pakistan. The chief justice was replaced and the constitution suspended. Musharraf said in an address on Saturday that "Pakistan was at a 'dangerous' juncture, its government threatented by Islamic extremists.

The International Herald Tribune ( said: The US and Great Britain are concerned after Musharraf's declaration of a state of emergency. The Bush administration is "deeply disturbed" by the move. While many agree that it is a political crisis, they don't see this as the solution.

The two articles were almost identical.

Cargill beef recall

The Star Tribune ( said: Cargill announced Sat. that they are recalling over 1 million pounds of beef distributed to 10 states. The agriculture department found a problem with one of the meat samples and the company worries that it is infeced with E. Coli. There have been no illnesses associated with the product. Cargil is a Minnesota company.

Trans World ( said: Cargill is recalling over 1 million pounds of beef produced between October 8 and 11. The meat was distributed to grocery stores in Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The two articles were very similar. The Strib article was longer, but they essentially included the same information.