November 18, 2007

13-year-old girl commits suicide

The Star Tribune ( said: A 13-year-old girl commited suiced and her parents want someone prosecuted. Megan Meier had a crush on "Josh" her cyber friend and when he ended their relationship she killed herself. Her parents are now going after the people who made up the false profile

The Daily Mail ( said: Megan Meier, 13, talked with "Josh" for a month be fore he ended their friendship and she killed herself. It turns out that "Josh" was not real, his profile was created by an adult neighbor. Megan's parents are now seeking to prosecute the woman who they blame their daughters death on.

The Daily Mail article included more details about the story, leaving the audience with fewer questions.

November 11, 2007

San Francisco oil spill investigated

USA today ( said: The coast guard is saying that fog and the speed of a tanker ship are responsible for the collision with a bridge wed. that caused an oil spill in San Francisco. They found no mechanical failures, this was a human error.

The Associated Press (
8SRR2N80) said: U.S. coast guard tried to decide whether speed and miscommunication were the causes of the crash that led to a major oil spill. A criminal investigation is being issued.

The two articles offered contradiction Coast Guard reports.

November 4, 2007

Hollywood writers to strike

The Star Tribune ( said: Writers demand more money and negotiations are not working. A federal mediator is working to help but "as of late afternoon, there was no sign of a breakthrough." The Writers Guild of America East prepare for their first industrywide strike since 1998. As of 9 am monday, hundreds of the Guilds members will picket outside Rockefeller Cetner.

The Pioneer Press ( said: Unless writers "and studios can agree on a last-minute deal" they will begin a strike Monday. Late night talk shows will be the first effected by the strike, while film and prime-time TV wont be effected for a year.

The articles both covered the basics. The Pioneer Press added information about the effects of the strike. The Star Tribune however included more information about the guilds history.

November 3, 2007

Marathoner Dies

The Pioneer Press ( said: Ryan Shay of Arizona died apparently of a heart attack after 5 and 1/2 miles today in New York during the Olympic qualifiers. The article goes on to give names of other Minneapolis runners, and the NYC marathon results.

The Star Tribune ( said: Ryan Shay. 28 of Flagstaff Arizona died today. At 5 1/2 miles into the olympic qualifiers in NYC he collapsed. Medics responded immediately. Shay was a long distance champion as was his wife. Shay qualified for the trials at the TC marathon.

The pioneer Press article only briefly mentioned Shay. Instead, they went into the qualifier and marathon results. The Strib article gave a lot of information about Shay's career as a runner, and his wife.

October 28, 2007

Death penalty for Lisa Montgomery

The NY Daily News (
woman_should_die_for_killing_pregna.html) said: Friday the jury ruled that Lisa Montgomery, who killed a pregnant mother and "cut the baby from her womb" is to be excuted. Montgomery kidnapped Stinett in 2004. The baby lived and is now with her father.

The Star Tribune ( reports: Jury decided that Lisa Montgomery will recieve the death penatly Friday. A judge will make the final ruling. Jurors saw crime photos and evidence about researching Caesareans.

The articles were very similar.

Sourthern California Fires

Mercury News ( 500,000 people in San Diego County left their homes this week, it was CA's largest evacuation. Qualcomm Stadium held thousands of evacuees. Gov. Schwarzenegger visited the stadium. The Gov. was concerned about the needs of the people staying overnight. Schwarzenegger called in the CA national guard and took a very personal interest in the crisis.

The Star Tribune reports ( On Friday many evacuees returned home. Disaster relief is beginning. Many homes are without water or electricity. There are still fires out of control.

The Mercury News article focused on Gov. Schwarzenegger and the way in which hes dealing with teh disaster. While, the Star Tribune article goes through the recent events of the fires.

October 21, 2007

Birth Coltron at Maine Middle School

The New York Times ( said: King Middle School in Portland, Maine voted 7 to 2 "in favor of adding presription contraceptives to teh services offereted at teh health clinic." Some argue that this gives students permission to be sexually active, while others argue that looking at the facts, it is a no-brainer. Four middle schools in Seattle and six Baltimore middle schools offer similar programs. About 1/4th of school-based clinics nationally (mostly high schools) offer some type of contraception.

KREN ( said: King Middle School in Portland, Maine "will be able to give students birth control after a 7 to 2 vote." Planned Parenthood says that 7 percent of middle school students are puposely sexually active. Planned Parenthood condones King Middle Schools program.

The two articles were very different. The New York Times article was very detailed and shed light on the controversy. KREN only gave a few of the facts and provided no insight on the side of the opposition.

October 15, 2007

California pileup

CBS News ( said: Two people are dead and 10 have died in a Southern California freeway tunnel crash Friday. At least 15 truck and maybe one or more passenger cars were invloved in the crash. 300 firefighters "battled the blaze" through the night.

Star Tribune ( said: Interstate 5 was shut down in both directions. Three died in the interstate pileup. An on-scene investigation will be finished Sunday and until those findings are released, the cause is unkown. 28 commercial vehicles and one passenger vehicle was involved. They hope to reopen the tunnel by Tuesday. The pileup began about 11 p.m Friday after two trucks collieded.

The Star Tribune report was significanly more detailed. The two offered different numbers as far as injuries and the number of vehicles involved as well.

September 24, 2007

"Scientists Hopeful Despite Climate Signs

The Associated Press released this article ( and it was picked up by many newspapers around the country. (I found it on Star Tribune and ABC News). The mood of the article is one of optimism. Scientists Michael Mann, James Hansen, Andrew Weaver, Bob Corell, David Myers, Stephen Schneider, and Terry Root discuss the state of global warming and encourage hope. The climate scientists say the most "catastrophic of consequences can and will be avoided." "NASA's James Hansen, who forecasts some of the bleakest outlooks on global warming, said in an e-mail: 'I am always surprised when people get depressed rather than energized to do something. It's not too late to stabilize climate.'"
The article is mainly quotes. It includes very little fact or data, just opinions of scientists, it was very convincing though.

how many sources are used? 7 sources
which are named? they are all named
are they scattered or clustered? they are scattered throughout the story
is the information from people? the information is all from people
how does the reporter set up the attribution in the story? since the story is very quote based there is little room to set up the attribution. most quotes lead the paragraph. In a few cases the author poses a question, then provides a quote with an answer.
is it effective? the attribution and the way the author sets it up is very effective

September 14, 2007

Leader of Polygimist Sect on Trial

The New York Times reports on the statments made by 'Jane Doe' during Thursday's trial. She tells the jury of Warren S. Jeffs' reign over his followers and what he said to her regarding the forced marriage to her cousin. The article also addresses Jeffs' self-proclaimed prophecy of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; and of Jeffs' defense, claming that he and 'Jane Doe' ‚Äúnever explicitly discussed sexual intercourse.‚Ä?
The Star tribune addresses the accusations against Jeffs, "he used his influence to coerce her into a religious union in 2001, and that the teens' consummation of the marriage amounted to statutory rape." Finding an impartial jury was difficult and many find this to be a civil rights struggle, or at least they see that this is how it is percieved by the FLDS and Jeffs.
The Star Tribune article was much more direct in what was being charged. It also shines a slightly more negative light on Jeffs. The New York Times article was more inclusive of Thursdays trial.