Underground Night Market

In San Francisco at midnight, smells waft through the air, music is blared, and bouncers abound, the New York Times reports.
According to the New York Times about 2,500 "foodies" participate in the underground night market to encourage and help young food vendors.
The underground night market began in 2010, through the company ForageSF and is attracting some of the most talented chefs in the area, Public Works reports.
"I want something savory and awesome," David McDonald, who estimates that he spends 40 percent of his income on dinners, told the New York Times. "I want food that will put me in a coma before I go to sleep."
Public Works explains that the market is more than just food because it holds live performances and is a social experience.
"When I was their age I was doing drugs and going to rock shows," Novella Carpenter, an urban farmer and author said. "That's not their culture," she continued. "Their culture is food -- incredible yummy-tasting food."

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