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Migrants in Libya desperate to flee

Migrant workers cluster around the harbor while battle lines flood through neighborhoods, the New York Times reports.
According to Reuters Africa, a ship has docked at the port of Misrata to take 8,300 stranded migrants.
"We have been here 56 days," Fahed Mohammed, 50, an agricultural laborer from Egypt said. "As you can see, we are just sitting in the road."
According to Reuters Africa, the ship is only capable of carrying 800 passengers at one time.
About 1,000 people have been killed in the Misrata siege, the New York Times reports.
"We want only to leave Libya," another man, Aman Abdul Latif said.

2 protestors killed in Tahrir Square protest

On Saturday in Cairo at Tahrir Square, Egypt's military forces shot and killed 2 protestors, the New York Times reports.
According to the Washington Post, military troops swarmed the square firing into the air and attacking protestors with electric batons as a 2 a.m. crowd gathered into the night after protestors set cars on fire.
However, according to the New York Times, military denied that anyone had been killed in the Saturday protest.
According to hospital sources, 2 people were reported killed, and 15 others injured by gunfire, the Washington Post reports.
"It was raining bullets," Houssam, 26, who wandered around the square looking for friends told the New York Times. "It was an enormous amount of shooting. I didn't know what was going on."

In Paris, underwater search teams found debris from the 2009 Air France plane crash that killed all 228 passengers, the New York Times reports.
According to the New York Times, Flight 447 was flying to Paris from Rio de Janeiro.
Air France and Airbus are planning on spending $12.5 million for the new search efforts, while $28 million has already been spent on search efforts, the Star Tribune reports.
According to the Star Tribune, searches are looking to identify the cause of the crash.
The search for new debris is being carried off several hundred miles off the northeast coast of Brazil, in an area of about 3,900 square miles the New York Times reports.

Gymnastic legend Nikolai Andrianov dies at 58

On Monday the legendary Russian gymnast died at 58 after battling a long disease, The Moscow Times reports.
According to BBC, Andrianov held the record of winning 15 Olympic medals, including 7 gold ones, until 2008.
The Moscow Times reports that Andrianov was suffering from the degenerative neurological disorder multiple system atrophy and could not move many of his limbs.
After retiring from competing, Andrianov coached in Japan, BBC reports.
According to The Moscow Times, Andrianov was inducted into the International Gymnastics Federation in 2001.
Andrianov is survived by his wife, two-time Olympic gymnastics champion Lyubov Burda, and two sons, The Moscow Times reports.

2010 brings the highest number of Afghan civilian deaths

On Wednesday, the United Nations reported that this past year was the deadliest year in Afghanistan for civilian deaths of which 75 percent were attacks from the Taliban, the New York Times reports.
According to the United Nations and New York Times, 2,777 civilians were killed this past year, which is a 15 percent increase from the previous year.
The Chicago Tribune reports that many of these deaths occurred during suicide attacks or roadside bombings.
Ivan Simonovic, the U.N assistant secretary-general for human rights told the Chicago Tribune, "of course there is a great difference between deliberately targeting civilians and civilians as collateral victims."
While the Taliban is responsible for many of these deaths, NATO and the Afghan government forces are responsible for 16 percent of the civilian deaths, the New York Times reports.
"I admit that there are always civilians who get killed," Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, told the New York Times. "There is no 100 percent guarantee of protecting them during a war."

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