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Dinkytown hit-and-run

Early Friday morning, 3 University of Minnesota students were hit by a driver going the wrong way Fifth street, the Minnesota Daily reports.
According to the Star Tribune, all 3 students that were hit were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center and were either in critical or satisfactory condition.
"It's surreal ... until this happened it was an ordinary night," Joe Bailin, one of the victims, told the MN Daily.
According to the Minnesota Daily, the car came onto the sidewalk knocking the 3 victims over and continued down the sidewalk hitting another student, Benjamin Van Handel.
"We were just walking back to my house from the bar" with carryout pizza, Bailin told the Star Tribune. "We heard something that made us turn around, and it was coming at us pretty quickly. You don't really know what to do when a car is coming at you on a sidewalk."
Police are currently looking for a white Toyota Camry or Solara, the MN daily reports.

Pawlenty raises $160,000 in early phase of 2012 chase

Within the first 10 days of Tim Pawlenty's republican presidential nomination, he was able to raise over $160,000, the Star Tribune reports.
According to the Associated Press, Pawlenty's early fundraising was reported to federal regulators.
According to the Star Tribune, Pawlenty's team told donors to wait until April 1st before making donations.
Pawlenty spent $43,000 early in candidacy on consultants, travel, supplies, and office rent, the Associated Press reports.
Now, Pawlenty is left with $116,000 left for the rest of his candidacy.

Increase of riders on Northstar Rail

Thursday, Metro Transit released information that there is an increase in ridership, that may be due to increased gas prices, the Star Tribune reports.
According to the St. Cloud Times in January, February, and March, riders rode the train more than 146,000 times.
Within the first 3 months of 2011, the 19.5 million rides represent a 2 percent increase from this same time a year ago, the Star Tribune reports.
According to the St. Cloud Times, Northstar began operating in 2009.
"We're off to a very encouraging start in 2011," Metro Transit General Manager Brian Lamb told the Star Tribune. "Rising gas prices have certainly played a role in encouraging new customers to give transit a try."

Students at the U stop attempted suicide

Tuesday afternoon students rushed over to help a man climbing over the bridge on Washington Avenue in an attempted suicide, the Minnesota Daily reports.
"In that situation you want to say something really profound," Alex Rongstad, a student who wrestled the man off the bridge told the Student Free Press.
According to the Minnesota Daily, once the University police arrived, they transported the man into a squad car and to the hospital where he was put on a health and welfare hold.
University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner told the Student Free Press that there appears to be an increase in attempted suicides on campus.
"It's not something that is easy to track per se because they don't always work their way into a police report," Miner told the Minnesota Daily. "On the surface there appears to be more incidents."

STDs increase across Minnesota

Wednesday the Minnesota Department of Health released a report stating the state has reached a record high of sexually transmitted diseases in 2010, the Minnesota Daily reports.
According to MinnPost, some officials are concerned the rates of STDs are going to continue to rise, as the areas that could prevent STD's are being targeted in budget cuts.
Last year the state reported 17, 760 cases of STDs, compared to 16,912 in 2009, the Minnesota Daily reports.
According to the Minnesota Daily, 70% of the cases are composed of young adults ages 15 to 24.
"These figures expose absolutely inexcusable inequities in access to health-care services for the most vulnerable populations in our community," Sarah Stoesz, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota told MinnPost. "Under the guise of balancing the budget, our elected officials are increasing the already heavy burden on low-income women and families."

Tuesday the Minnesota Senate approved bills that will greatly hit the Minnesota higher education system, the Star Tribune reports.
According to the Grand Forks Herald, the Senate's bill will cut the university's budget by $243 million or 19 percent, while the House bill will cut the university and college system by $320 million or 13 percent.
"It's a sizable hit," Rep. Bud Nornes, R-Fergus Falls, who chairs the House Higher Education Finance Committee told the Star Tribune. "I can't tell you anyone is happy with it, but that's what we have to deal with."
Under the Senate the vote was 37-27 while under the House vote it was 69-60 the Star Tribune reports.
Sen. Michelle Fischbach, R-Paynesville told the Star Tribune, " it will not cut so deep that it will put the universities out of business."

Legendary U football Coach Warmath dies at 98

Former Gopher football coach died last Wednesday night at 98, the Star Tribune reports.
According to the Minnesota Daily, for 18 seasons Warmath coached the Gophers to a Big Ten championship in 1959, and a Rose Bowl title.
According to the Star Tribune, Warmath was one of the first coaches to recruit a black quarterback, Sandy Stephens.
"Murray Warmath will go down in history as recruiting African-American athletes from the south that were not given the opportunity to play in the south," M Club Director George Adzick told the Minnesota Daily.
Warmath was a coach who was close with both his current and former players the Star Tribune reports.
""That's one of the things that sticks out, just how close so many of the players became to him," Dick Larson, who played for Warmath told the Star Tribune.
He is survived by his son, his grandchildren, and his great-grandchildren.

CEO of chemical company, John Hawkins, dies at 59

John Hawkins, CEO of Hawkins Inc. died at 59 after battling liver cancer, the Star Tribune reports.
"We are all deeply saddened by the death of my uncle and good friend," Hawkin's nephew, Patrick Hawkins president of the Minneapolis chemical-based firm told PR Newswire. "As a person John was humble, but as the Company's leader, he created a culture of customer service and responsiveness that grew the company greatly in his 11 years as CEO."
According to the Star Tribune in 1938, Hawkins Chemical was founded in southeast Minneapolis by Howard Hawkins, John Hawkin's father, and is now operating in 13 states.
Over the past 5 years Hawkins Inc. has been one of the best publicly held companies to own, the Star Tribune reports.
"It is with deep sorrow we announce John's passing," the company's Board of Directors Chairman Jack McKeon told PR Newswire. "John was a well-respected leader at the Company, but more than that, he was a dear friend and colleague to the extended Hawkins family. We extend our deepest sympathies to John's wife, Annette, their children and the entire Hawkins family."

WCCO says goodbye to Gopher sports

WCCO will no longer broadcast Gopher sports, as the University of Minnesota Athletics Department has formed a relationship with new stations, the Minnesota Daily reports.
According to the Minnesota Daily,Clear Channel's KFAN AM will now broadcast Gopher football, while basketball and hockey will be broadcasted on Hubbard's Broadcasting ESPN AM.
This is a notable change as WCCO began broadcasting Gopher football in 1943, the Star Tribune reports.
The University of Minnesota's new relationship with these stations will bring in more money and social media, the Minnesota Daily reports.
"As someone who remembers the golden years, I hate to see it happen," Ray Christensen, former Gopher football caller, told the Star Tribune. "But I understand it. These days, it's become a matter of who can pay the most money."

Nice Ride Minnesota expands into St. Paul

Last Wednesday the bicycle-sharing Nice Ride Minnesota program received $1 million to expand into St. Paul, the Minnesota Daily reported.
According to the Pioneer Press, this grant will provide 50 more bike-sharing stations.
Macalester College and the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, which hopes to protect the area of University Avenue where the light-rail is being installed, is funding a portion of the project, the Pioneer Press reports.
According to the Minnesota Daily, of the 65 Nice Ride stations, 11 are on the U's campus.
Spokeswoman for Transit for Livable Communities, Hilary Reeves, told the Pioneer Press, "We're excited to see the success of the first year."

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