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New NCSU catalog apps

Just a short notice to publicize the new North Carolina State University catalog interface. One of the most impressive things is how they have allowed the user to 'drill down" through the subject headings in the browse mode. The functionality showing newly cataloged books is also very nice. I've spoken with a few of the staff at NCSU at the various Digital Library Federation events, and they are really aggressive in trying new approaches to matching behind-the scenes data processing with new user interfaces.

See here: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/catalog/browse.html.


What catalog software are they using? It isn't ExLibris...

On the NCSU Libraries screen that appears when the Search tab is clicked, there's a link to a brief paragraph about "Guided navigation by Endeca." Endeca ProFind(TM) is the software that they're using. I saw it demonstrated at ALA Annual last summer.

Thanks for the followup, Stephen.

Endeca actually runs on top of NCSU's regular library system, which I think is Sirsi. Each night Endeca harvests information from NCSU's ILS in order to provide its added value services. If I remember right, Charlie Pennell from NCSU said at Midwinter that Endeca takes about four hours to harvest data from a database of 800,000 bib records.