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April 6, 2006

RLG News appearance

I'm in the latest issue of RLG News, talking about initiatives at the University Libraries in the area of publishing and open content. Check it out:


The part of my quote that explains how what we do relates to Google et al was chopped off, so i am afraid it makes me sound like I am blathering on in ignorance of those larger initiatives. The sentence that got left out was, " We see the interest in the above-mentioned initiatives as validating, informing and adding momentum to our efforts." So there you go. Thanks to my supervisor, Barb Stelmasik, for crediting me with this line, which I had contributed to her report to RLG.

April 5, 2006

Presentation on Digital Libraries

For the second year in a row, Shane Nackerud asked me to speak to his LIS753: Internet Fundamentals class at the College of St. Catherine, specifically on the topic of digital libraries. I decided to do a whole new version of the talk this year. It can be found here.