March 23, 2007

Classroom Management

What are some of your "best practices" that help with managing large lecture groups for students?

For example, last semester other members of this group said that they do not allow make-up exams. Or if make up exams are allowed, they are offered for half credit at the convenience of the instructor.
I instituted this policy this semester and it has saved soooo much time and taken a great burden off of me.

Welcome to the Large Lecture Small Group Blog

Let's try interacting on a blog. It seems with busy schedules, it is difficult to get the group together.

Under this category, briefly describe your large lecture class. What is it? How many students are generally in the course? At what level is it taught? What are you doing in an attempt to make this class develop self reflective learners?

I teach the large lecture sections of Hlth 1470 Human Nutrition, an introductory freshmen level course. I generally have 2 sections of 200-350 students each semester. I have been using a personal response system (clickers) in the class to: test knowledge and application of principles. This has significantly increased attendance and the number of students who come in late or leave early.