Hypnosis: The Power of Suggestion

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shadow1big.jpg Hypnosis is a set of tactics that highlights the power of suggestion in people, and can change their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. There is not one "right", or universal theory for explaining hypnosis, although the main theories are the sociocognitive theory (based on people's attitudes, beliefs, and expectations) and the dissociation theory (based on a separation between personality functions that are normally well integrated). Hypnosis is not only for the entertainment of people, it can also be important in other ways. It can be used to treat pain, medical conditions, and some disorders such as an addiction. Hypnosis also improves the effectiveness of therapies for certain conditions. My only experience with hypnosis was at my all night senior party, when a hypnotist visited and hypnotized about 20 of my peers. He was able to change the way people behaved and thought about things. One example is when he told a girl that she was going to forget about the number 7, and then he proceeded to ask her to count her fingers. Each time she would skip the number 7, and then be super confused as to why she suddenly had 11 fingers. Another example is when he told a guy that when he heard music he turned into a ballerina, so as soon as music started playing he spun around slowly in circles with his arms above his head. I am very curious about hypnosis. How exactly does it work? Can you really make someone do anything you asked him or her to do by using hypnosis? To what extent would hypnotism not work?

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