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White Paper/Presentation Guidelines

Here are the details I gave in class this morning (also echoed in the syllabus):

Goal: Identify an unanswered analytical chemistry research question and choose an appropriate spectroscopic technique to explore it

Deliverables: White paper (grant overview), outline of experiments, and 12 minute presentation

*White paper and outline - 15% (Due 11/30/12)
*Presentation - 15% (12/03, 12/05, 12/07, 12/10 or 12/12/12)

Initial step in the grant-writing process.
Single-spaced 12 point or larger font; limit document length to 2 pages including figures with minimal necessary references on additional pages (white paper) and an additional 2 pages of experimental outline.

Please address the following topics in your white paper/outline:

Background/context: emphasis area and problem to be addressed
Objective: what you plan to accomplish in a three-year program
Rationale: value to the scientific community and/or general public
Novelty: role of this research in advancing knowledge and state-of-the-art
Approach: strategy for addressing the problem
Results: anticipated output of a successful effort
Funding Request Amount: a per-year approximation of overall funding requirements

Include: sample preparation, control experiments, analysis methods

For the presentation:
12 minute in-class presentation + 5 minute Q/A period
Done on 12/03, 12/05, 12/07, 12/10 or 12/12/12
(let me know if one of these dates does NOT work for you)

White board or powerpoint
-submit copy of presentation by 5 pm on day before
Keep audience in mind
Pay special attention to correct referencing/citation

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