October 14, 2014

"Cat's Cradle" Reading Assignments

Here are the chapter equivalents for our weekly assigned reading for Cat's Cradle:

Week 7: Read Ch 1-43
Week 8: Read Ch 44-86
Week 9: Read Ch 87-127

September 16, 2014

TED Ed Lesson Grading Scheme

Evaluation Criteria (100 points possible):

Link to lesson emailed to professor by 10 am on presentation day - 10 points
Compelling connection made between chosen video/book - 25 points
Clarity of presentation to audience of peers - 20 points
"Dig Deeper" resources - 15 points
"Discuss" questions - 30 points

September 8, 2014

TED Ed Assignment Dates

When it's your turn to present a TED Ed lesson, you will choose the video to be watched and the questions to be discussed to complement the portion of the book being discussed on the day that you chose. Please send me the link for your TED Ed lesson by 10 am on the day you present. I will share these links on the course blog.

TED Ed Lesson Dates:

09/18/2014 - Bret
09/25/2014 - Kallie/Bri
10/02/2014 - Becca/Megan C.
10/09/2014 - Tanner/Garrett
10/23/2014 - Dominic/Mitch
10/30/2014 - Eva/Liz
11/20/2014 - Sam/Reid
12/04/2014 - Stephanie/Megan

September 5, 2014

Scientific Presentation Days

Below you will find the list of who is presenting and leading book discussion on particular class meeting dates:

09/18/2014 - "Conditioned breeding/eugenics" - Kallie and Bri
09/25/2014 - "Sleep learning" - Bret and Becca
10/02/2014 - "Hallucinogens" - Stephanie and Megan
10/16/2014 - "Elemental Isotopes and Allotropes" - Megan C.
10/30/2014 - "Atomic Bomb" - Garrett and Tanner
11/13/2014 - "Genetic engineering" - Eva and Liz
11/20/2014 - "Xenotransplantation" - Dominic and Mitch
12/04/2014 - "Hot bioforms/pandemics/biological weapons" - Sam and Reid

"Brave New World" Reading Assignments

Here are the chapter equivalents for our weekly assigned reading for Brave New World:

Week 2: Read Ch 1-4
Week 3: Read Ch 5-8
Week 4: Read Ch 9-13
Week 5: Read Ch 14-18

September 2, 2014

Course Syllabus

Download the Fall 2014 syllabus.

August 23, 2014

Welcome to your freshman seminar!

This blog will be used for course assignments and discussion throughout the Fall 2014 semester.

Please post a few sentence description of yourself with the following information as a comment to this post:

1. name
2. hometown
3. major or majors under consideration
4. hobbies
5. Why are you taking this freshman seminar?

These posts will allow us to get to know each other.

When you post a comment on our class blog, it may not show up right away - don't worry, I just have to discriminate between real entries and spam.