France Blocks Migrant Trains From Italy

Migrant trains from Italy were temporarily blocked by authorities in France in an attempt to stop north African migrants from entering the country.
According to BBC News, the trains were stopped at the border for hours which prompted Italy to launch an official complaint with France; the train services were later resumed.
Italy has angered France by giving temporary resident permits (which allow them to travel freely in many European countries) out to thousands of Tunisian migrants, BBC News explained.
"We've given them travel documents, we've given them everything they need, and this has been recognised by the European Commission," Italy's interior minister Roberto Maroni said, according to ABC News.
According to ABC News, immigration seems to be turning out to be a very sensitive issue in France's presidential election next year.
Earlier this month, Italy and France chose to launch sea and air patrols to try in order to prevent the influx of thousands of people from Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, BBC News reported.

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