Maine Student With No Hands Wins A National Penmanship Award

Nicholas Maxim, a 10-year-old boy born without hands and lower arms, received an award Monday for his participation in an annual National Handwriting Contest.
Cheryl Hasenful, principle of Readfield school where Maxim attends, was so impressed with his handwriting that she entered a sample in educational publisher Zaner-Bloser's National Handwriting Contest, AOL News reported.
"We submitted his entry because we felt his penmanship was amazing considering he completes most of his work without using his prostheses," Hasenfus told CNN.
According to CNN, Maxim writes by holding a pen or pencil between his upper arms.
"It started with coloring," Terri Maxim, Nicholas' mother, told AOL News. "He does that in his spare time. It's not typical. He watches them and keeps up with the sports, but his true love, besides football and baseball, is writing."
According to the Washington Post, the judges who sifted through 200,000 handwriting entries in the contest, were so impressed by Maxim that they created a new category for students with disabilities.
The Washington Post reported that the judges said the new category for students with disabilities would inspire others.

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