Minneapolis Denies Circus

Minneapolis, for the first time, denied a request by a circus Monday to bring wild animals to the Minneapolis Convention Center on May 14 and 15.
By using regulations that were enacted in 2008, the city denied Piccadilly Circus, from Sarasota, Fla., a permit to bring its wild animals, the Star Tribune reported.
According to the Star Tribune, the circus had asked to bring a pair of kangaroos, eight ponies, an elephant, a monkey, and two lemurs.
Manager of Animal Care and Control of the city, Dan Niziolek, denied the application, and a City Council committee rejected the circus's appeal on Wednesday, the Star Tribune explained.
In a telephone interview from Florida, John Whitfield of Piccadilly Circus said that Minneapolis is the only city he has encountered that requires that the circus turn over animal care records, the Downtown Journal reported.
According to the Star Tribune, Niziolek said, in a letter to the company, that the circus didn't apply the required 90 days in advance of the event, did not provide required veterinary care records, or a filling fee.
The Star Tribune reported that Whitfield wrote to Minneapolis that a representative from the convention center would speak for the circus at Wednesday's Public Safety commitee meeting, which did not happen.

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