Possible Violation of Title IX for Yale University

The Office of Civil Rights announced on Thursday the investigation of Yale University for possible violation of Title IX.
According to the Huffington Post, 16 Yale students submitted a complaint two weeks earlier arguing that Yale is a sexually hostile environment that prevents women from participating in campus life fully as men.
According to Yale Daily News, while there have been many students who support this, "many students feel that so much focus on public incidents of sexual harassment, which they see as examples of 'boys being boys,' takes away from what they feel is the far more pressing matter of physical sexual assault on campus."
ABC News reported that there were complaints in September 2009 that a group of male Yale students circulated an email that included a list of 53 freshmen women ranking them in order of "how many beers it would take to have sex with them."
"I feel like because I have had to deal with certain sexual misconduct from my peers that I don't have equal access," Hannah Zeavin, one of the 16 students who are complainants in the case, told ABC News. "I can't sleep well anymore and when I walk around Yale campus at night I'm scared."
If Yale is found to violate Title IX and fails to come into compliance, it's federal funding (which was $510.4 million last year) will be revoked, explained the Huffington Post.

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