Tornado Damages Over Half of Iowa Town

A tornado hit the small town of Mapleton, Iowa Saturday night causing substantial damages.
"It was huge, just huge," Thomas Mohrhauser, an attorney in the town of about 1,200 people, told the Associated Press. "It just kept getting bigger and bigger."
According to Fox News, Monona County Sheriff's Deputy Roger Krohn told the Sioux City Journal that 60 percent of the town of Mapleton may have been damaged or destroyed by the tornado.
The roof of a high school was blown off, power lines were downed, and several homes and buildings were destroyed, the Associated Press reported.
According to the Associated Press, three people were treated for minor injuries at Burgess Health Center, about 20 miles from Mapleton.
Weather service meteorologist, Frank Boksa, issued a disaster proclamation for Monona County which allowed the state to spend money to respond to the storm, USA Today explained.
According to the Associated Press, Mohrhauser said the tornado appeared to be about a quarter-mile wide.

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