Synthetic Times

Medi(A)rt China
Artist: Jeffrey Huang & Muriel Waldvogel (Convergeo)
Work: "Newscocoons" - Media: Inflatable furniture, various technologies

Jeffrey and Muriel had a unique future sense frame of artwork. Their furniture was out of the ordinary. It definitely reminded me of what the future has to offer due to the inclining technological advances. Furniture that is created to tell news and entertain us with intelligence as well as vivid colors that shines in the night; is just outstanding. Not only can you sit in them, but you can also be updated with information relatively to whatever suites yours likings. Having an artwork that you can upload videos, pictures, and even blogs, is something unexpected. You definitely would not see that kind of furniture anywhere in the world. The fact that the furniture is living and breathing on it's own is amazing. The furniture somehow generates it's size by the amount of information that it can contain within itself, the more information that it's fed, the bigger the size of the cocoon (as it's otherwise known as). I can't figure out how artists' think up these phenomenal ideas that contributes to improving human society. In a way you can see how advanced media furniture can be frown upon in for America. What good does it do for our society when all we're praising is to be less productive by sitting on our butts and not being actively involved with the world, let alone our community? I'd say that not all artwork are generally supposed to be contributing to society in a good way. Perhaps artwork should make a statement and make inspirational acknowledges or even disapproval glances, which happens to come and go more than others. I think Jeffrey and Muriel have a great understanding of how our society needs to incorporate more social and communicational ideals to the future.