3 Minutes Film Sequence

Where the Wild Things Are

One particular scene that had scared me a bit in this movie was when Max (the main boy character) who was running away from his friend Carol (the big main Monster character) to get away from Carol's mad lash out when he found out that Max was lying to him about have immoral powers. This particular scene he hid away from Carol by hiding in Judith's mouth (another monster female character). When Max was hidden away inside Judith's mouth I was terrified because inside of her was dark. There was no way out. There was a limited of light showing from the top portion, which was when she was speaking to Carol. You could here the voices arguing inside of Judith's stomach, which showed how thick and hallow her body was. There were no organs of any type of blood inside which made it less scary but there were slimy liquid substances within her that made it seem a little disgusting. There were a lot of things going on in that scene. Another instance happen after she pulled Max out of her mouth. While inside of Judith's body I had that same sense of compelling feeling for Max of loneliness and hopelessness as he sat besides Judith. The music was soft and sad, which gave the same emotion captured with the darkness inside of Judith's body. There are so many ways you can use and manipulate effects to make the audience feel or react a certain you want them to if you play it right. Timing is just as important.