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Artist: Angie Lynch
Work Title: "Algormia" ( Pink Scarf ) & "Hugolria" ( Purple Figure)

These two pieces of art work stood out most to me because it was compelling to look at. They look like trolls or some sort of goblin you would see in a Harry Potter movie. I thought this art work hand a lot to say about beauty. As you can see the structures are being beautified in other words they look like they are trying to fit in. However, the hideous skin color and abnormal features that they have are extremely hard to look over the jewelry or painted fingers they have on. It's hard to think that they could ever be accepted into society. Since many of us Americans were brought up being brain washed to view beauty as being skinny, having beautiful skin, nice hair, or symmetric facial structures. Maybe what Angie is trying to demonstrate with her piece, is by presenting beauty in different ways.


Artist: Tim Krause Work Title: Igloo - (Unknown)

I wasn't quite sure way this specific igloo structure was formed. This structure that he created was captivating. I notice the glittering affects that the cloth had as the entrance and the roof. Which mysteriously lead me into the inside of the igloo structure. The place seems to be modernized with updated versions of how life is like in America. People playing their instruments and having a fun time with technology we have today. The videos playing didn't match the igloo itself. Besides the fact that it was a bit spontaneous because of the glittering effect, I was hoping to see more of a mellow theme inside.