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"Alien Song"

The clip is less than a minute long. But I really wanted to say a lot about it. So I hope that it doesn't matter if the requirement of the film was suppose to be about 3 minutes long instead. The short clip to this link:
This was a very thought out film. The beginning of the video showed the alien sitting down. The lighting was dim and a little dark to show that this alien was sad. There was a certain spotlight on the alien so the focus on her would be more dramatic. The camera focused on her side view face at the beginning of the song, when she became more dramatic the camera view was of her front side of the face. There was more movement of the camera instead of before when there wasn't a lot of movement. Less motion of the camera meant that it was more sad and depress. As for more motion, it represented power and anger. The lights that came out to demonstrate how this alien had a stronger personality was very energetic and yet powerful. The alternations of the lights switching different colors and position showed a more cheerful and intriguing part of the clip. Which draws most of your attention of the mood changing of the character. The alien herself gave a lot of hand and body movement. Demonstrating how she felt. Movement of hand and body tells a story and it definitely express the emotions she was trying to convey. She shook her hips back and forth to the beat, she used a lot of hand emotions and also a lot of head movements to show disbelief and a "good riddance" type of head gesture. She also used a lot of eye squinting to express her emotions more. Since this is suppose to be a funny clip. The ending was beautifully done. The song ended abruptly and a big disco ball smashed into her. That image including the sound effects of the glass breaking at the end showed the ending of the clip. There was no more background music and the character had disappeared underneath the big disco light that had crushed her. Which just showed that the clip ended and that was the end.