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Artist: Katarina Zdjelar
Title: "There is no is"
(A short video of a foreign lady trying to pronounce Katrina's last name.)
This short little video Katrina created caught my attention mostly because
of how much the person in the video resembled the way I think of my mother.
The foreign lady who tried to pronounce a certain last name was having
problem with saying Katrina's last name which, isn't common to hear where
she lives. My mother also have trouble with pronouncing some words such as
turkey and cookie. Even though these words are relatively different in
comparison my mother cannot tell the difference since english is not her
first language. It's a struggle that foreigners face but it's a challenge that can be
tasked. I think the message to this short film is that people are capable
of accomplishing anything if they choose to do so.

Studio E:

I enjoyed learning about the lights and camera. How things work in the
background. It was interesting to see how things are put together in order
to make a great show. I had no idea there were so much lights involved when
trying to capture the perfect image. Getting hands on with some of the
equipment was a little bit petrifying because I was scared to break
anything... it's so expensive! I did not like getting in front of the
camera so much, but I'm glad I tried because now I know being on camera is
not my calling. I hope to get another chance to go to Studio E.. this time
without being on camera.

Mike and Jonathan:

Mike's and Jonathan's work was very impressive. Their helpful remarks and
critiques on their own works help out a lot. They showed us even as a
professional you can always do better and learn new skills as you progress
into art. They definitely did a great job on their flipbooks and other film
creations. I especially enjoyed watching their own personal view expressed
through their drawings. It was very funny and entertaining. Obviously they
put a lot of hours and dedication to their work and it shows. Thanks guy! Come again soon!
Additional Comments:
Mike's drawing of the chicken and the use of movement by adding many line marks show how movement play a big part in animation. The chicken character was more real and alive. Not to mention the part when the can looked liked it was moving across the page when in reality the images that were drawn in the background were the effects that made the can to look like it was moving.
Jonathan's work has great use of color. Yellow for the smiley face was put together well. To me yellow represents happy and radiant. As oppose to other colors like red.. which may have thrown the smiley face intentions to be nice and sweet to frustrated and angry.


The artwork that stood out mostly to me was the "(Old) - No one in particular #6", created by Evan Penny. I didn't notice the piece of artwork until I sat down and looked up. It startled me for a second when I realize how humanistic it looked like. The distinct feature of minor imperfection this imitation of human form this artist created was unbelievable. If the artwork was made in realistic size I wouldn't be able to tell if this "old guy" was real or not. From the side few, the artwork looked almost 3-D. I couldn't tell if there was some sort of illusion that this artist was trying to convey. As soon as you're facing it head on. It doesn't look like it was on paper. I wonder what material was used to make this man. How long it took. What inspired this artist to make something so beautiful? Another piece of artwork I admired were the "Elemental", created by Juxtaposition. A whole group of artist had given a new meaning to take the stairs instead of the elevator. I had a hard time viewing the images on the cement walls as I was going down the step because I was so heavily concentrated on the drawing right before my eyes. The city buildings I like the most because it reminded me of my hometown. I live in the cities and I love it here. I'm use to hearing all of the relentless sounds of the sirens and cars driving back and forth near my house. I can't stand the silence or being alone for a certain amount of time. I think living in the cities had made me realize I need to be surrounded by something to feel at ease. That image of the city reminds me of my life and where I grew up.

WWR Rivers of Regeneration Nash:

Artist: Mayumi Amada
Work: Floating Plastic Bottles
Mayumi's creation of using basic plastic water bottles was very creative. The use of the simplest material in our world that I even used daily was put to use in an outstanding and remarkable art form. The flowers that she created represented the five elements that were described in her culture. Which included wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The use of space in between the flowers were aligned perfectly and the natural wind coming through the vents to making the flowers look like they were floating added to the great imagery of the flower. It actually looked like it was floating above water. If the clear strings attached to it was any clearer I would have probably walked right into it. Mayumi's floating flowers was described to capture a " peaceful spiral movement," which with no doubt they are, did not miss to convey. Most of the art works I've noticed had similar aspects of life revolving around the element of water. Water was used as a source of why we are living, which included the "women," who are here to create life as well.

The Trouble Begins At Eight:

Artist: Juana Berrio
Title of Work: Is it that you can't see us? Or that you don't want to see us?
This artwork had a powerful meaning. Although the structure was built upon pillows I thought it was interesting see how it was stacked upon one another like a brick building. It's built up to more than five- six feet about. I couldn't really see above the work, you had to bend down in order to get the message. I'm assuming that this relates to how we perceive individuals who want to hide away from the world. Those who are invisible are either comfortable that way or maybe they want to come out of their shell and break through so that the world can be more aware of these so called invisible people. I don't think this structured walls of pillows are targeted to one specific race. It's targeted to all the people who want to be seen but doesn't have the power to.