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Mike and Jonathan

Response to work:

Mike's and Jonathan's work was very impressive. Their helpful remarks and
critiques on their own works help out a lot. They showed us even as a
professional you can always do better and learn new skills as you progress
into art. They definitely did a great job on their flipbooks and other film
creations. I especially enjoyed watching their own personal view expressed
through their drawings. It was very funny and entertaining. Obviously they
put a lot of hours and dedication to their work and it shows. Thanks guy! Come again soon!
Additional Comments:
Mike's drawing of the chicken and the use of movement by adding many line marks show how movement play a big part in animation. The chicken character was more real and alive. Not to mention the part when the can looked liked it was moving across the page when in reality the images that were drawn in the background were the effects that made the can to look like it was moving.
Jonathan's work has great use of color. Yellow for the smiley face was put together well. To me yellow represents happy and radiant. As oppose to other colors like red.. which may have thrown the smiley face intentions to be nice and sweet to frustrated and angry.