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Trouble Begins At Eight

Nash Gallery
Artist: Juana Berrio
Title of Work: Is it that you can't see us? Or that you don't want to see us?
This artwork had a powerful meaning. Although the structure was built upon pillows I thought it was interesting see how it was stacked upon one another like a brick building. It's built up to more than five- six feet about. I couldn't really see above the work, you had to bend down in order to get the message. I'm assuming that this relates to how we perceive individuals who want to hide away from the world. Those who are invisible are either comfortable that way or maybe they want to come out of their shell and break through so that the world can be more aware of these so called invisible people. I don't think this structured walls of pillows are targeted to one specific race. It's targeted to all the people who want to be seen but doesn't have the power to.