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Dépêche de Northfield: Meeting Maryse Condé

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Our own Déborah Ferrand shares glowing notes from her trip to Carleton College, with Sarah Boardman and Séverine Bates, to hear Maryse Condé last week:

Some of us had the extreme pleasure to attend the lecture given by Maryse Condé at Carleton University on April 20th. As graduate students and future specialists of francophone literature, it was really an honour to meet such an incredible woman and author.

Dossier: Pourquoi les études littéraires/Why literature matters

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From the marvelous resource Fabula, a dossier on recent writings defending literary studies. References span the Atlantic Ocean, from Martha Nussbaum to Yves Citton.

Paranoid? You must be a graduate student!

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From yesterday's Chronicle, by Don Troop:

Kudos: Dan Brewer awarded for his graduate advising

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Our own Prof. Dan Brewer was among the faculty honored by the 2011 COGS Outstanding Faculty Award!

From Cathy Yandell at Carleton College:

Nous sommes très heureux de vous inviter, vous et vos étudiants, à la conférence de Maryse Condé à Carleton, suivie d'une discussion avec l'auteure.

Featuring Two Lectures:

"Godard's Wars"
Philip Watts, Associate Professor of French, Department Chair, Columbia University

"Thoughts on Giorgio Agamben's Remnants of Auschwitz: The Witness and the Archive"
Jeffrey Mehlman, Professor of French, Department of Romance Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, Boston University


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