Global Holocaust Memory and the New Antisemitism.

A lecture by Alejandro Baer
Wednesday, February 5
7:30 p.m.
Beth El Synagogue

Research on contemporary antisemitism, as well as Holocaust education and commemoration reveals that the way people think about the Holocaust is changing. Rather than public discussions of the Holocaust discouraging hatred, in some cases the reverse is happening. This new phenomenon, sometimes called "memory envy," or "Holocaust skepticism," is channeling new resentments and hostilities. Professor Baer will shed light on the sources, functions and different contexts of emergence of a new anti-Semitism related to the globalization of Holocaust memory.

Professor Baer is the director and Stephen C. Feinstein Chair of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota. He has authored numerous articles addressing issues of genocide, memory, and antisemitism. Prof. Baer directed the Spanish section of the Shoah Visual Archives and has served as a member of the Spanish delegation to the International Task Force for Holocaust Education Remembrance and Research.

Sponsored by the Center for Jewish Studies, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch, Jewish Community Relations Council.

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