IAS Collaborative: Upcoming Public Lecture

Uruguayan Memories of Dictatorship: A lector by Mariana Achugar
(Carnegie Mellon University)
Thursday, March 6
Reframing Mass Violence: Human Rights and Social Memory in Latin America and Southern Europe
Thursdays 3:00p.m. to 4:30p.m.
1-109 Herbert M Hanson, Jr Hall

Achugar_Mariana_188x220 (1).jpg

Why do family conversations matter in processes of intergenerational transmission of traumatic pasts? Mariana Achugar will share some examples from a two-year ethnographic project in Uruguay where 20 youth and their families were interviewed. The analysis of the styles of interactions that occur in these families with different backgrounds will show how they make sense of the past and what narratives characterize their recollections. She will then attempt to explain why some conversations produce "more sharable" memories of the dictatorship.

The IAS collaborative explores the particular developments and transnational entanglements of social memories in societies revisiting their legacies of dictatorship, state terror, and grave human rights violations in Latin America and Southern Europe.

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