The Role of Visual Testimony in Survivors of the Mayan Genocide in Guatemala and Mexico

Marisol Soto, PhD student at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Holocaust Genocide & Mass Violence Studies Workshop (HGMV)

Thursday, May 1
Room 609 Social Sciences

Marisol Soto's project examines the intersection among photography, social integration beyond trauma and the action of human rights organizations, and explores the important role that photography plays in documenting and reporting human trafficking that targets indigenous populations. I contend that genocides do not only result in direct violence against their victims, but also leave vulnerable communities of survivors that are targets of further violence. In addition, this proposal examines paradoxes resulting from the use of testimonies and archives outside the human rights community, such as in the consumption of atrocity in the media, an act which leads to the re-victimization of young women and children who are victims of trafficking. Finally, I will use photography and literary and testimonial narratives in new ways that complement more traditional forms of expression and provide new insights into the trauma of the victims, with the ultimate goal of contributing to their recovery and protection, and to raise awareness in the society.

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