CHGS Reading Discussion Group

Alternative Narratives or Denial?

In conjunction with the spring lecture series, "Alternative Narratives or Denial," CHGS will facilitate a reading discussion group focusing on seminal works on the topic of Holocaust and genocide denial.

lipstadt.jpgDenying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory
By Deborah Lipstadt
Chapters 3, 7 and 10

January 11, 12pm
Room 710 in the Social Sciences Building

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Nizkor Project

litvak.jpgFrom Empathy to Denial: Arab Responses to the Holocaust
By Meir Litvak and Esther Webman
Chapter 5

February 15, 12pm
Room 710 in the Social Sciences Building

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The Role of Holocaust Denial in the Ideology and Strategy of the Iranian Regime - Yad Vashem


Remembrance and Denial: The Case of the Armenian Genocide
Edited by Richard G. Hovannisian

Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

April 14th, 12pm

Room 201A in Wilson Library

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Every survivor's story must be told! Every generation must remember! I am a 2G of a survivor and have published my father's riveting story!

Please help get this story out!

I hope all stories get out before all the survivors are gone!!

My father's memoirs are available on Amazon (within the US):

Outside of the USA:

We must never forget!

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