What is leadership?

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My personal definition so far as leadership is that it takes patience and understanding of an issue and the people affected by it. Having many things going on in my life, it is difficult for me to consider myself a leader without reading and understanding the different texts of leadership. Beginning to have an idea of these group assignments and reading the texts has given me a better idea of what I can define as leadership. Communication is a must for one thing because without that, people will have a hard time understanding what the purpose for whatever action is occuring. According to Heifetz reading on Leadership in Permanent Crisis,he discusses about the affects and process of what CEO and other high positions deal with when it comes to a business. This can also be applied in other forms of positions that may not be related to business. For example, a school setting, a position as a teacher or principle must follow similar tasks in order for the school to run smoothly. Working with each individuals and their different abilities help in succeeding.

Heifetz, R., Grashow, A., & Linsky, M. (2009). Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis. Harvard Business Review, 87(7/8), 62-69.

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