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Analysis: Multimedia

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In the article Many hunters won't get a shot at seeing a wolf, has images and links that the reader can click on when they are reading the article. The image on the top interests the reader and perhaps gives them an idea of what the article is about. I think that is an asset to the article because it attracts readers. The captions are very simplistic so the reader can quickly scan over it. The side links on the side of the article provide the reader with access to more information about wolf hunting. There is an interactive map that shows the deer hunter densities across Minnesota. It relates to the part of the article that talks about wolf hunter densities and the importance of knowing them in order to properly estimate how many wolves would die in the season. There are also links to other articles about wolf hunting. The captions are simplistic and concise. There are also pictures to these links and that also catches the reader's eye. I think that these features help the article seem more interesting to the reader.

The article Hurricane Sandy to Put 50 Million People at Risk is on the ABC News website. It too also has a picture at the top of the article which is an eye catcher for the reader. The picture in this article specifically looks very interesting. There are also links to videos on the side bar with simplistic, concise captions. It gives the reader the ability to actually see what the article is describing. There are also button on the side that allow the reader to share the article. I think it allows the reader to be able to connect with their community and share articles so that other people can talk about it with them. I think that the features on the sidebar help the reader understand the article better by having other sources linked and stimulate the interest of the reader.

Hit-and-Run Kills Augsburg Student

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An Augsburg student died Saturday after being hit by a car. Austin R. Conley, 20, died he was hit by a dark colored, four door car according to the Star Tribune. The car was on N. 3rd St and by 1st Avenue N. when it hit Conley police said, according to the Star Tribune.

Conley was a first year student at Augsburg college studying business management.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Austin's family, friends, roommates, classmates and professors," said Augsburg President Paul Pribbenow, "members of the community are encouraged to gather at Augsburg's Monday chapel service at 10:20 a.m. in Hoversten Chapel."

Crime Stoppers of Minnesota is awarding $1,000 to anyone who gives information that will lead to the conviction of the case. (Star Tribune)

Hurricane Sandy Causes Evacuations on East Coast

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Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from North Carolina to Connecticut because of the threat of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to landfall on Monday night.

Hurricane Sandy has already cause power outages in Virgina (CNN) and is expected to cause more damage on Monday.

Hurricane Sandy is a Category 1 hurricane, but has a unique characteristic that most other hurricanes don't have, its winds extend 175 miles from the eye. Its speculated that the radius of the winds will create more damage than a typical Category 1 hurricane (CNN).

Public transportation has been shut down in many of the East Coast states such as New York, parts of Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. School has also been cancelled for two million public school students and many universities have shut down their campuses. (ABC).

French Euromillions Website Hacked

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The homepage of the Euromillions lottery website had a passage from the Quran condemning gambling after it was hacked on Sunday morning according to the BBC.

The hackers are apart of a group called the "Moroccan Ghosts". According to Soft Pedia

The message read, "Oh you believers. Wine, games of chance, statues all augur impurity and are the work of the devil." It was written in both Arabic and French (BBC).

The company running the website Francaise de Jeux, said that no other games or data on were affected. However all the Euromillions websites in France are unavailable so far.

Euromillions is a lottery system that was started in 2004 and now serves Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, according to AFP

Suicide-Murder in Jimmy John's

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A woman in the process of filing for divorce died on Thursday when her husband shot her in Cottage Grove. Tensia Martinez Richard, 22, died in a Jimmy John's restaurant when running away from her husband, Chevel Richard, 22. The couple had two sons according to Fox News.

The morning before the shooting, Chevel Richard had found a text message sent to his wife on her phone. He throw a playpen across the room and destroyed the telephone she held to call 911. She then ran to the Shoppes at Gateway North strip mall and into a Jimmy John's restaurant.

She was running toward the phones and she got shot and went down right in front of the phones," employee Grant Tymesen said, "then, he shot her again." Chavel Richard shot himself soon after he shot his wife. He died shortly after. (Fox News)

After the shooting, police found a note written by Chevel Richard containing the financial and relationship difficulties he was going through according to the Star Tribune.

Police said that the couple had an abusive relationship and Chevel Richard was charged with fifth degree assault in June 2011, but Tensia Martinez Richard was back with him before filing for divorce. (Fox News)

Also, an order for protection from Chavel Richard was given to Tensia Richard, after she filled out a lethality protocol assessment, but two months later she was back with her husband.

Chavelo and Ace Martinez Benefit Fund is now set up to benefit the Richards' sons.

Minnesota Wolf Hunting Season Starting

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Minne. Supreme Court is not allowing the organization Howling for Wolves and the Minnesota branch of the Center for Biological Diversity to legally challenge the Department of Natural Resources on the issue of wolf hunting, allowing for the hunting season to begin on Saturday, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Minnesota's first wolf hunting and trapping season is about to start on Nov. 24 according to the DNR), but only 3,600 hunters were given permits to hunt wolves, according to the Star Tribune.

Wolves have been on the "Endangered Species" list, but since states have recently gained legal power over wolf management from the federal government in January, wolves have been taken off that list. The DNR estimates that there are over 3,000 wolves in the state of Minnesota, however there has not been a survey of the wolves in five years.

The Center for Biological Diversity, however, does not agree.

"It's just really sad that these wolves are going to suffer and die in leg-hole traps and snares, when they just came off the endangered species list this year," Collete Adkins Giese, the center's lawyer said. "There was no reason for the DNR to rush forward with hunting and trapping for sport."

Wolf Researcher Dave Mech said that there are too many variables to accurately estimate the outcome of the hunt. The permits were given to random hunters across the state, and there are three different zones in which they can hunt in. The hunters maybe concentrated in an area where there aren't many wolves or they maybe concentrated where there are many wolves or they might be evenly dispersed in the zones.

In the Star Tribune's article, "Chaska rallies around family of teen killed by arrow," the author separates the article into three different categories. The first category is about Spencer Swanson's personal life. His achievements, cancer, and the mourning of this mother. In this part, the author has summarized the events of the boy's life very well. He uses quotes to illustrate how much Swanson will be missed to perhaps evoke emotions from the reader. The second category summarizes the shooting and the legal issues dealing with the shooting. It also includes if charges were brought upon the friend of Swanson.The last category summarizes how the community has reacted to the death and the overwhelming support that is spewing from them.

I do not think that this was very effective writing. It strays from the typical inverted pyramid style and, in fact, is more like an inverted hourglass. The most important information was in the middle of the article. It was not very effective. The beginning should have been at the bottom of the article. The beginning of the article was not appealing at all because those are emotions that are usually evoked from the family of the victim. The article would have been better if the events of the shooting were put first because that is what makes the story interesting. That is the unique point of the article.

N.H.L Labor Dispute Results in Lockdown

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On Friday, the National Hockey League Player's Association rejected a proposal that attempted to end the ongoing labor dispute between the NHL's league and union. The NHL league proposed a 50-50 split revenue between the two parties but the union rejected it according to Herald Sports.

The union also proposed three deals to the league, but were rejected by the league.

As a result of the dispute, the NHL has called off all games through November 1. If there is a compromise settled by Oct. 25, a full season of hockey would be a possibility according to the BBC.

The reason for the dispute comes from a recently expired contract stating that the revenue was split 57% for the union and 43% for the league.

"None of the three variations of player share that they gave us even began to approach 50-50, either at all or for some long period of time," Gary Bettman, league commissioner said, "It's clear we're not speaking the same language" (Herald Sports).

"We came in here today with those proposals thinking that we could really make some progress," Sidney Crosby, hockey player, said after having a meeting with the league, "and to hear those words (from Bettman) kind of shuts it down pretty quickly," Crosby said. "In a nutshell it doesn't look good" (Herald Sports).

If no resolution is agreed upon by the two parties, the whole hockey season maybe cancelled, as it was in the 2004-2005 season (BBC).

Arrow Strikes and Kills Teen

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Teenage boy from Chaska died on Oct. 13 when his best friend accidentally shot him in the head with an arrow. Spencer Swanson died riding his bicycle after his best friend shot an arrow that ricocheted off the ground and stuck Swanson in the head. The arrow was an aluminum shaft arrow that had no tip, according to Fox News.

Authorities say that no drugs or alcohol were involved, it was simply an unfortunate accident. No charges have been pressed, so far according to the StarTribune.

"No decision [on charges] has been made yet," said Marsh Halberg, an attorney for the best friend who shot the arrow, "We're hopeful that based upon the dynamics of the case that won't occur."

Spencer Swanson had just recovered from a yearlong cancer before he died. He was aspiring to become a filmmaker at the Integrated Arts Academy in Eastern Carver County Schools and was also on the bowling team.

The community has also come together to grieve over Swanson. A Facebook page was made to commemorate Swanson.

Gopher basketball assistant coach was placed on indefinite administrative leave on Sunday, after he was arrested on Saturday for driving while intoxicated, according to the StarTribune.

The basketball assistant coach, Saul Smith, 32, was driving home from a restaurant when he was stopped at 2:18 a.m. State Patrol, Lt. Eric Roeske pulled over Smith for drinking and speeding. According to Roeske, Smith blew a 0.18 into the breathalyzer. The legal limit is 0.08 according to the Minnesota Office of Revisor of Statutes.

Smith's court hearing is on Dec. 3 according to USA Today.

Saul Smith is coach, Tubby Smith's, son and was going into his sixth year on the team. On the team Saul Smith is responsible for guard and ball handling techniques.

"We do not want to rush to judgment before the legal process proceeds," Gophers athletic director, Norwood Teague, said, "University of Minnesota values dictate that our coaches and staff be positive role models for our student-athletes. As such, we are taking disciplinary measures while the legal system takes its course."

First Native American Saint Named

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Pope Benedict XVI named a young woman the first Native American saint on Sunday, according to CNN. Mohawk Kateri Tekakwitha, known today as Lily Of The Mohawks according to the BBC.

Tekakwitha allegedly saved the life of Native American Jake Finkbonner, who contracted a flesh eating bacterium after falling when playing basketball. Finkbonner was in critical condition and no cures were available in 2006.

Finkbonner's pastor suggested praying in the name of Tekakwitha and within a short period of time, Finkbonner's condition cleared up.

The Vatican recognized this as a miracle in 2006 and concluded that Tekakwitha saved Finkbonner's life.

During Tekakwitha's lifetime, she was scarred on her face when she contracted small pox as a child. After the sickness passed, she converted to Catholicism and became a nun. She lived and traveled to Canada. Tekakwitha died in 1680 at the age of 24. According to CNN.

Six others were also sainted.

European Union Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

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The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union on Friday, October 12 according to The New York Times.

Typically, the Nobel Peace Prize is given to a single person who has stopped or triumphed wars, but was entitled to the European Union because they symbolize peace among countries with conflicting interests. From World Wars to the economic crisis at hand, these countries have had to resolve many issues, reported The New York Times.

However, the EU was also given the Nobel Peace Prize to further establish unity between the drifting countries, according to CNN.

"We want to remind all Europeans about what we have achieved on this continent and that we should not let it start disintegrating again and getting nationalism and extremism grow on this continent," said Jagland, "because we know what that leads to," Jagland said according to CNN. The economic crisis concerning primarily Greece, leaves the other countries muddled. Germany has implemented austerity measures as a solution to Greece's large debt. However, 25,000 people from all over the European Union have protested against these measures. It is disputes among the countries like these, that make many doubt that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded because of its accomplishments or because it would establish a sense of community among the European nations.

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