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In the article Many hunters won't get a shot at seeing a wolf, has images and links that the reader can click on when they are reading the article. The image on the top interests the reader and perhaps gives them an idea of what the article is about. I think that is an asset to the article because it attracts readers. The captions are very simplistic so the reader can quickly scan over it. The side links on the side of the article provide the reader with access to more information about wolf hunting. There is an interactive map that shows the deer hunter densities across Minnesota. It relates to the part of the article that talks about wolf hunter densities and the importance of knowing them in order to properly estimate how many wolves would die in the season. There are also links to other articles about wolf hunting. The captions are simplistic and concise. There are also pictures to these links and that also catches the reader's eye. I think that these features help the article seem more interesting to the reader.

The article Hurricane Sandy to Put 50 Million People at Risk is on the ABC News website. It too also has a picture at the top of the article which is an eye catcher for the reader. The picture in this article specifically looks very interesting. There are also links to videos on the side bar with simplistic, concise captions. It gives the reader the ability to actually see what the article is describing. There are also button on the side that allow the reader to share the article. I think it allows the reader to be able to connect with their community and share articles so that other people can talk about it with them. I think that the features on the sidebar help the reader understand the article better by having other sources linked and stimulate the interest of the reader.

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