French Euromillions Website Hacked

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The homepage of the Euromillions lottery website had a passage from the Quran condemning gambling after it was hacked on Sunday morning according to the BBC.

The hackers are apart of a group called the "Moroccan Ghosts". According to Soft Pedia

The message read, "Oh you believers. Wine, games of chance, statues all augur impurity and are the work of the devil." It was written in both Arabic and French (BBC).

The company running the website Francaise de Jeux, said that no other games or data on were affected. However all the Euromillions websites in France are unavailable so far.

Euromillions is a lottery system that was started in 2004 and now serves Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, according to AFP

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