Minnesota Wolf Hunting Season Starting

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Minne. Supreme Court is not allowing the organization Howling for Wolves and the Minnesota branch of the Center for Biological Diversity to legally challenge the Department of Natural Resources on the issue of wolf hunting, allowing for the hunting season to begin on Saturday, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Minnesota's first wolf hunting and trapping season is about to start on Nov. 24 according to the DNR), but only 3,600 hunters were given permits to hunt wolves, according to the Star Tribune.

Wolves have been on the "Endangered Species" list, but since states have recently gained legal power over wolf management from the federal government in January, wolves have been taken off that list. The DNR estimates that there are over 3,000 wolves in the state of Minnesota, however there has not been a survey of the wolves in five years.

The Center for Biological Diversity, however, does not agree.

"It's just really sad that these wolves are going to suffer and die in leg-hole traps and snares, when they just came off the endangered species list this year," Collete Adkins Giese, the center's lawyer said. "There was no reason for the DNR to rush forward with hunting and trapping for sport."

Wolf Researcher Dave Mech said that there are too many variables to accurately estimate the outcome of the hunt. The permits were given to random hunters across the state, and there are three different zones in which they can hunt in. The hunters maybe concentrated in an area where there aren't many wolves or they maybe concentrated where there are many wolves or they might be evenly dispersed in the zones.

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